Although I don't blog for a living, there are some people who do. I'm convinced that the number of bloggers who can actually make a living at it are in the minority. I don't write this blog for the money, because...well, it doesn't really make much. I do some freelance writing on the side, and that is a nice supplement to my income. My "day job" is in marketing communications.

I changed careers a couple of years ago, and although I had plenty of experience as a writer and a journalist I realized I would need some specialized training. I needed to get a marketing degree.

I'm in my 40's and work full-time, so enrolling in a local college even part-time was out, especially considering the demands on my time between work and family obligations. I then explored the world of distance learning.

The number of distance learning, or "online" programs has exploded over the past few years. Even brick-and-mortar local universities are getting in on the act. Some online programs can be very expensive, and of course you have to make sure the school has legitimate accreditation. Any accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education has legitimate accreditation. I spent a couple of years shopping around, and then picked my school: Penn Foster College.

Penn Foster College is a nationally accredited school which has been around in one form or another for several decades. Students can study through a combination of online and correspondence studies. It also offered the program I was looking for: an Associate of Science degree in Marketing.

The cost of the program can't be beat: $53.80 per credit hour for the 15 credit hours I will be taking this next semester. Penn Foster College doesn't participate in an federal student aid programs, but it really doesn't need to. I made a down payment of $100, and then interest-free monthly payments of $29 per month. I can't think of too many schools which will let you attend for $29 a month.

The course material has been challenging and I have learned things which have helped me on the job, which is the most important thing to me. The courses are also reviewed by the American Council on Education, which means they will transfer to most other colleges should I decide to get a BS in Business or Markting.

I hated high school, and I did attend a state university previously, but I have recently discovered that I truly enjoy learning new things. Of course, you can get an education at a public library, but I like having the challenge of accomplishing something and earning a degree at the end. It gives me something to shoot for. If you are interested in exploring distance learning programs, check out


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