Thoughts on AuctionAds

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A couple of days ago, I decided to try out a new sponsor for this blog... AuctionAds. AuctionAds features live eBay auctions and displays items that might be of interest of visitors to the blog, but I believe you can also click on the banner and search for other items or register on eBay if you don't already have an account. My attempt to monetize this blog is twofold: I'm doing an experiment to see if it's possible to actually generate any kind of income with a blog and I'm giving a "test run" to different sponsors and affiliate programs to determine which are the most effective.

So far, AuctionAds has been pretty good. They deposited $5 into my account just for becoming an affiliate. Unlike some other affiliate programs, which require you to hit $25 or $100 in income before payout, the payout at AuctionAds is just $10, and they'll deposit the funds directly into your PayPal account. If you are interested in trying AuctionAds for yourself, just click on any of the AuctionAds links or on the banner and get signed up. It takes only a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

After all, writing about saving money and actually MAKING some money while doing it would have to be the ultimate in savvy frugality!


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