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One of the best ways to sample new products without actually forking over the cash for it is to request free samples directly from the manufacturer. I have tried this over the past couple of weeks, and I have just started receiving the free samples I requested.

In order to receive the samples, you usually have to fill out an online survey of your impressions of the product. Other times, you simply fill out an order form with your name, address and information like gender and age. This is not to be confused with companies which promise you IPods for filling out long surveys and requiring you to sign up for other "participating" offers, like a credit card or a magazine subscription. These free samples really are free.

There are some great links to companies offering free samples over at Free Stuff Times. So far, I filled out a few offers there, and so far I have received a free sample of Dunkin' Donuts coffee (it brewed one pot, and it was delicious!) and some Listerine Whitening Strips. I have completed many others, but those are the only two I have received so far. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to receive your free samples.

Free Stuff Times also has some good suggestions for requesting free stuff, such as not using your phone number (unless you really want telemarketers to call you) and creating a "junk" email account on Yahoo or Hotmail to use when you sign up for the offers, so you don't flood your "regular" email with a bunch of SPAM and other marketing offers.

Another site I have visited to request free stuff is Totally Free Stuff. You have to be kind of choosy here, because they do include those "participating offer" deals I mentioned earlier, but they also include plenty of truly free stuff.

Another way of requesting free stuff is to contact the manufacturer directly through their own web site or by actually calling the number listed on the product packaging. I recently bought a Pur water filter for my kitchen faucet, but it wasn't working properly. It wasn't switching between filtered water and "faucet water" the way it was supposed to. My wife called the customer service number from the packaging, and they promised to send a replacement right away. Total savings: about $24.

There is plenty of free stuff out just have to ask!


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