This is the weekend of my big move! My family and I are busy packing boxes (which we got free from Walmart and a couple of other stores) and on Sunday we'll be loading up the U-Haul ($29.95, plus 67 cents per mile for mileage. A much better deal than hiring movers). We're only moving a few miles, to a home which will be rent and mortgage free to us, thanks to my father-in-law. Of course, we'll have to move again in a few years, when he retires and wants to live in the house, but by then we'll have enough saved for a down payment on our own place.

I have a couple of friends who will help me do the heavy lifting when it comes time to move furniture and appliances. When all is said and done, this move should cost me about $100. The last time I moved, I used movers, and it cost me $1,900.

It will be a few days before I have my Internet service up and running, so I'll be taking a short hiatus from Savvy Frugality. I should be back before next weekend. In the meantime, please explore the archives here at Savvy Frugality, and feel free to leave comments. I promise to get to them just as soon as I'm able to log in again.


  1. Shirley // January 15, 2008 at 9:59 PM  

    We have never paid anything to move. We've moved several times during our marriage with the most miles being only about 30 one way. We live in a rural area and we just arrange a move among our friends with pickup trucks and using ours as well. We designate an A and B team (folks positioned at old home and new home, respectively), truck drivers (who shuttle the stuff and unload it for the B team to put in the proper place), and food at the new home to feed everyone (usually a cookout). Likewise, we offer our services to help our friends when they are moving. This method has served us well over the years. Oh, and we've never paid for boxes either. We get them from grocery and liquor stores, primarily, collecting them and packing over an extended period of time in preparation. Hoping your move went well! Big improvement from $1900 to $100!

  2. doodlebugmom // January 17, 2008 at 1:58 PM  

    I stumbled upson your blog today, great reading! Hope the move goes smoothly =)

  3. SavvyFrugality // January 20, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

    The move is complete, and although it was a lot of work and I am still unpacking boxes, I did manage to do it for about $80! Not bad, but boy was I sore from lifting furniture the next day! My internet service isn't up and running yet, but I hope to be posting regularly again soon!

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