Actually, I finished moving into my new home a week ago, although I am still unpacking boxes...a process that will probably take a couple of months as I try to find a new home for all of my stuff.

I was able to complete the move itself for about $80, and that was the cost of the UHaul truck. There were some other expenses associated with the move...some I had expected, and some I did not. For example, this month I have to pay utilities for the house I moved from, and the one I moved into. I also had to pay $130 for carpet cleaning, which was required in my lease.

Also, once I moved into the new house, I discovered a few things which I had to repair, such as all of the toilets in the house, so that required a couple of trips to Home Depot. My wife also wanted to repaint some of the rooms, so that was another $160.

Between utility expenses, extra cable TV connections in the house, paint supplies and toilet repairs, all of the costs associated with the move will probably total about $500...still a far cry from the $1,900 I paid the last time I hired movers.

I am still waiting for the cable guy to show up at my new home to get me connected to the Internet, so I hope to be posting regularly again soon!


  1. LJ // January 21, 2008 at 12:33 PM  

    Good for you! You moved on 80$! That is amazing. I hate moving and hope to never do it again, but if we do, you'll need to share your secrets for cheap moving!

    Take Care


  2. SavvyFrugality // January 21, 2008 at 9:54 PM  

    Thanks, lj! Actually, I forgot to add the cost of the packing tape, which was another $20, so it was actually a total of about $100, if you don't count the cost of switching my utilities, painting and general repairs to the new home. That's the cost of the move only. The UHaul cost a total of $80, my son and I moved all of the furniture ourselves, we got free cardboard boxes from grocery stores and Walmart, and I bought some packing tape to seal all the boxes. We only moved to the next town over, not to another state, but I thought it was still a pretty cheap move...probably the cheapest I ever had!

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