Just one day after my post on AuctionAds they have sweetened the deal for new publishers. If you have a blog or web site of your own, you can now sign up for AuctionAds and they will deposit $25 into your account to get you started. The payout amount has been raised to $50, but with this new promotion you're halfway there! All you have to do to get started is click on AuctionAds and fill out a form to get your account. Also, for six months after you sign up, you will make 5 percent of the sales from every additional AuctionAds account you refer. For example, if five people sign up for AuctionAds from your site, and they generate sales from their ads, you get five percent of all their sales for six months. Sweet! Joining AuctionAds is free, and they'll give you $25! Not bad!


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