It has been awhile since I have posted my weight loss update. You may have read previous posts in which I detailed my desire to drop back down to a healthy 165 pounds. It shouldn't be that difficult. After all, if people can drop hundreds of pounds on "The Biggest Loser", I should be able to lose 20 pounds, right?

I am operating under the mantra "eat less, move more". December is my busiest month at work, so I haven't lived up to the "move more" half of my plan, but I have been eating less. I suffered a setback over Thanksgiving, and actually gained weight.

This week, I am happy to report that I have dropped from 188 pounds to 182. It wasn't difficult to lose the six pounds over the course of two weeks. I just simply ate less. Actually, I ate less junk. I dropped a lot of carbs from my diet. No, I'm not on Atkins. I haven't cut out bread, potatoes or pasta altogether...I just eat less of it. Also, no junk food such as nachos or potato chips. I do allow myself popcorn on weekends. I am addicted to popcorn.

Tomorrow, I plan to go for a walk around the park near my home. Hopefully I'll have another weight loss update next week, as I aim for 165 pounds.


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