I read a lot of other personal finance blogs every day. There is some great reading out there in the blogosphere, and a lot of the advice is better than what I find at many of the other finance and investment web sites. I have decided that I will spread the Link Love each Sunday, and give Savvy Frugality readers some insight into the other personal finance blogs that I read and enjoy.

This will also give me a chance rest and relax and get over a stomach virus I've been battling for the past week. During that span of time, my weight plunged from 190 to almost 180 pounds. Losing that much weight that fast isn't healthy, as you might imagine, and I'm still feeling pretty weak.

With that being said, here are this week's recommendations for Savvy Sunday:

Wise Bread has an interesting article on Stashing Your Cash With Pump Action Portion Control. We recently started using pump bottles for our hand soap and dish detergent, and it does seem we have been using less of both lately.

Get Rich Slowly has a nice guest post on protecting your personal finances if you're going into business for yourself. If your business tanks, and many new businesses do, you don't want your personal finances to suffer, too. I've been thinking about starting my own business for a long time, but for now am sticking with freelance writing.

The Digerati Life tells us how to Get to a Million Dollars with Small Change.

Still, having a million dollars doesn't necessarily help you sleep better at night (although I would). Consumerism Commentary says many Middle Class Millionaires are Concerned about their Financial Future.

Trent over at The Simple Dollar says there are many ways of investing in yourself, and they aren't all related to money. Check out Trent's series on investing in yourself. There is some great advice about self-improvement here.

Enjoy your Sunday reading, and stay up-to-date with the latest posts from Savvy Frugality by subscribing to our RSS feed.


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