Last week's Festival of Frugality was #102, but this week's is also #102. I don't know...maybe somebody miscounted. No matter. Lazy Man and Money hosts this week's Festival of Frugality #102, and there is some darn good frugal advice there. These are a few of my picks, but check out Lazy Man's site and read them all:

Cheap Health Good gives roughly a thousand ways to find quality kitchen equipment on the cheap.

Free Money Finance remixes his money saving tips to create the top 10 most hated money saving tips I actually do a few of these myself. I have thought of moving to a foreign country after I retire (Panama), and I really should do #8.

My Wealth Builder has some good frugal living philosophies

The Wastrel Show has come up with some ways to survive an economic slowdown I have posted about this one myself here at Savvy Frugality.

Millionaire Mommy has an article about investing as a beginner


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