Would you like to get brand new, brand name clothing for a fraction of the cost of what you normally pay at retail? How would you like to save 50, 60, event 70 percent on the cost of your wardrobe? Of course you would. How? Buy your clothing in the "off season".

Since we are right smack dab in the middle of winter, all of the warm clothes are selling for full retail, although you might find some good Christmas sales right now. You aren't event thinking of summer or fall clothing, but you should.

Summer and fall clothing can be found on the clearance racks of some of the best retail clothing and department stores right now...and they have slashed the prices to get rid of it to make room for cold weather clothing. I was shopping at Stein Mart and Target recently and found polo shirts for $3, shorts for $4, and short sleeve shirts for $5 and $6.

I know what you're saying..."but it's 20 degrees outside and an ice storm knocked out my electricity last week. I don't need polo shirts, I need a parka!". Well, that's true....today. What about six months from now? You'll need warm weather clothing then, won't you? Buy the clothes that are off-season today, and then pack them away for a few months. When the weather warms up and you're looking for a pair of shorts, you'll be glad you did...and your wallet will thank you.


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