As I promised in a previous post, I am posting updates on my weight loss progress. I didn't fare too well this week. I have relatives visiting from out of town, and after a Halloween party and a night eating out at a restaurant (their treat), I have actually gained weight. I am back up to 185 pounds. Yikes!

The important thing to remember when you get off track with your weight loss goals is to not thrown in the towel. I'm just going to recommit myself to eating right and getting more exercise, drinking more water and staying away from the junk food (Cheetos are my weakness).

My wife informed me that she is not buying junk food anymore. She does the majority of the grocery shopping. She is also on a mission to lose weight. She has already lost 70 pounds and wants to lose 70 more. Since she is diabetic and has high cholesterol and hight blood pressure, additional weight loss would probably save us money on the very expensive medications she needs to take.

Hopefully, I'll have a better report on my own weight loss next week.


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