I never used to think that there were limits to my frugality. I was pretty much willing to do whatever it took to help save my family a few dollars here and there, mostly out of necessity. Oh sure, I always laughed when my grandmother would yell at us kids for ripping the gift wrap off of presents. She liked to reuse it. Ditto with the Zip-lock bags and aluminum foil, which she would wash and use again. Blech.

Well, I have found other limits to my frugality: toilet paper. That's right, as detailed in this article, there are people that try to get by on the cheap when it comes to their toilet paper. Let's face it, you only buy toilet paper for one thing, and you sure as heck aren't going to reuse it...or at least I hope nobody would.

Personally, I buy the double-roll, generic variety that I find at Dollar General stores. It's four double rolls for $2.50, and the package usually lasts my family of four about two weeks. I also buy a package of baby wipes once a month, because I find them to be more comfortable than dry, scratchy toilet tissue. There is even a variety that breaks up and disintegrates after you flush it.

Really, this is one area where you may not want to skimp. After all, your comfort is at stake, and how much can you REALLY save by economizing your toilet paper, anyway? Are there other areas where you think it doesn't pay to be frugal, and you refuse to skimp? Let us know about it!


  1. Anonymous // November 14, 2007 at 7:37 PM  

    I love skim milk. I know that sounds weird, but I do - so does my teenage daughter. And I know the frugal tip is to mix it from powdered milk. And refrigerate it overnight. Or even to mix it half and half with liquid milk.

    I can absolutely tell, right away. I can't imagine how anybody wouldn't. And I WON'T mix up milk to drink. Oh yeah, I use it in cooking, no problem. But my 12-ounce glass of ice-cold skim milk every morning - that's sacred.

  2. SavvyFrugality // November 14, 2007 at 10:49 PM  

    I used powdered milk for cooking, too. Nobody can tell the difference. But mix it up and drink it, or use it on cereal? No way. It just tastes...weird.

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