Each year, my wife buys a 14-18 pound turkey and cooks enough food to feed the army of a small nation. The trouble is, there are never more than five people at my house for Thanksgiving. But, we never find outselves eating leftover turkey and stuffing until Valentine's Day. How do we get rid of it all? The answer is: variety.

Some people are content to just reheat the green bean casserole and turkey until they just can't stand it anymore, but that's not what we do. We incorporate the turkey and other leftovers into other dishes so that they don't taste like, well...leftovers.

A few things we cook to unload all that extra turkey:

Turkey Noodle Soup
Turkey ala King
Turkey Salad Sandwiches
Turkey Casserole
Turkey Enchiladas

You get the idea. Use the turkey in place of chicken for many of the chicken dishes you would normally cook.

For leftover mashed potatoes, try:

Potato Pancakes
Potato rolls (fold the mashed potatoes into the dough you would normally make for rolls. This works with bread, too).
Open face Turkey and Potato sandwiches

You can also mix sour cream and chives into the mashed potatoes and serve it as a side dish with a roast.

For more hints on how to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into something that doesn't take like what you had for Thanksgiving, check out sites like Leftover Chef, Alicia's Recipes, and Eat Turkey.com.

Do you have a recipe you use to get rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers? Tried one of the recipes from the sites listed above? Let us know about it!


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