I had received an email from another user of Freecycle that they had a twin bed frame they were willing to give me just to get rid of it. However, later in the day she emailed back and said her husband had already given it away.

But there was another email in my inbox from another Freecycle user who had something even better. It was a wooden captain's bed with two drawers underneath, and it was made for an extra long twin mattress and box spring, just like the set I purchased for $50 from somebody on Craig's List.

My son and I went and picked it up today. It's a decent piece of furniture, is going to give my younger son some much-needed storage in his room, and best of all...it was free!

The downside: the thing weighs about 300 pounds, but with some help we should be able to carry it into the house. I guess you can't complain about an item when it's free!

If you are looking for furniture or household items, I can't recommend Craig's List or Freecyle enough!


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