My routine every morning is the same. I wake up, make coffee and turn on the TV. I watch the same show every morning: The Today Show. It's more out of habit than anything else. But, in between cooking segments and Al Roker's bad jokes, you can occasionally catch some good financial advice from Money Magazine editor Jean Chatzky.

Today, Jean was interviewed by Matt Lauer about Money Magazine's latest issue, which shows you 15 ways of making and saving money in 35 minutes or less. You can't accomplish everything in 35 minutes or's each tip in 35 minutes or less...but you get the idea.

Most of the tips cover things like raising your credit score, getting overdraft protection on your bank account, negotiating lower rates on your credit cards and raising the deductible on your auto insurance. I especially like the tips about slashing recurring charges and shopping around online.

This article looks very similar to one that I wrote for this blog not too long ago. Check out my Top 10 Frugal Living Tips You Can Use NOW! entry for more money-saving ideas.


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