After recounting some of the great deals I have managed to get here at SavvyFrugality, you might be under the impression I am the Coupon Czar. The truth is: I'm not. My wife is. In this guest post, she reveals how she recently got free Coke products, snack foods and a $25 gift certificate from

With the cost of groceries going up luxury items such as soda and snack foods not to mention going out to eat are becoming a thing of the past. Personally, I miss being able to go out to eat without there being a special occasion to justify the expense. So my mind started to work in that cheap, domestic goddess way and I realized that I just needed to use my thrifty skills to get me what I want without going bankrupt.

It all started with one coupon: a Walgreens coupon that gives you a $25 gift card if you transfer a prescription. Since CVS and Walgreens are major competitors, CVS will now accept Walgreens transfer coupons just for filling your regular prescription with them. Some CVS stores will tell you that you need to transfer a prescription, but I simply tell them that I’d be happy to transfer my script to Walgreens if they don’t take the coupon. I have yet to have a CVS store turn me away after saying this. It also helps if you go to a CVS that is directly across from a Walgreens. Might I also suggest going into a Walgreens store and grabbing a stack of circulars whenever they run their $25 gift card coupon as they don’t do it too often, but when they do, their expiration dates are usually good for a couple of months.

Once I have my gift card in hand, I wait for a sale on Coke products. CVS will usually rotate which brand is on sale every week. If Pepsi is on sale one week, I know that next week it will be Coke. The majority of times CVS will run a special giving you their in-store Extra Bucks if you buy a certain amount of Coke, which can then be used on some snack foods.

You may be wondering why I’m partial to Coke, but the truth is I’m not. I simply collect the points that Coke offers and redeem them on their website: Currently the Coca Cola Company is offering a certificate for a certain amount of points. What does this mean for us? Quite simply put, I now have a $25 gift certificate for a local restaurant that I’ve been dying to try, I’ve gotten an endless amount of free soda and snacks and all it cost me was the normal co-pay for my prescriptions. So this weekend I’ll be going out to dinner and it’ll hardly cost me a thing.


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