Now that we are beginning a new year, I thought I would take a look back at the top ten most-read posts on Savvy Frugality in 2008. Even I was a bit surprised at some of the results. So, let's count them down starting at Number 10:

10. Ten Quick Ways to Cut Your Monthly Bills. There is some great info in this post about how to cut your recurring monthly bills. It proved to be quite a timely topic this year, considering the state of the economy.

9. Clutter Costs Money. Not only are those stacks of bills and paperwork taking up valuable space in your home and making it look clutter, but they can actually cost you a lot of money. Don't ignore them.

8. The Frugal Millionaire. Believe it or not, some of the most frugal people I know are millionaires. They hate to part with their money. I'm convinced that is the reason why they are millionaires in the first place.

7. Ten Lessons from a One Income Family. This post recounts my family's experiences moving from two incomes to surviving on one income. It's amazing how much money you actually save when only one person is working, but it also takes some planning.

6. Does it Work? Debbie Meyer Green Bags. It's amazing how many hits this post received. After the infomercials hit the airwaves, people wanted to know if those green backs actually helped keep their fruits and veggies fresh for a longer period of time. My wife bought them, and they work. We also have the gold bags for bread, and they work just as well.

5. Depression-era Recipes. Posts about the Great Depression were popular in 2008, probably because of the economy and the collapse of the real estate industry. This post details some of the ways people kept food on the table during the Great Depression, and some of the recipes are pretty tasty.

4. Top Ten Frugal Living Tips You Can Use Right Now. I actually use them all the time because they are money savers. I would not recommend tips I don't already use myself, and unlike a lot of other frugal living tips you'll find online, these really aren't extreme. Small changes make a big difference.

3. The Savvy Frugality Recession Survival Guide. I'm actually surprised this wasn't Number One on the list, but it still made the Top Three. Even if you haven't implemented these tips yet, it's never too late.

2. and .1 Vince the Shamwow Guy is Back! and Who is the Shamwow Guy and Why Do You Want to Buy His Rags?
WTF? Vince takes the top two spots? That's right, the annoying infomerical pitchman with the mesmerizing uh...pitch for simple cloths dominated the Google search traffic which lead thousands of readers right to the posts about Vince the Shamwow guy, who is also pitching a new kitchen appliance called the Slap Chop. Maybe it's his accent, maybe it's the way he makes those cloths look so appealing, maybe it's the fact that you can't turn on the TV without seeing those commericals, but when it comes to the most popular posts on Savvy Frugality, Vince is the man. On a side note, I have never used the Shamwow, but my son's Boy Scout troop uses them on camping trips, and they swear by them.


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