Believe it or not, one of the most-read posts here at Savvy Frugality has nothing to do with saving money, investing wisely or properly budgeting a household. Nope, that distinction goes to my observations about one of the most influential infomercial pitchmen to hit the scene since Ron Popeil and Billy Mays: Vince the Shamwow Guy.

Before becoming a pitchman for rags on TV, Vince Offer (yes, that's really his name) was a writer and director whose sole film credit was something called The Underground Comedy Movie, which was sold, oddly enough, through television infomercials. Vince has also been very litigious, suing Anna Nicole Smith for backing out of The Underground Comedy Movie and the Church of Scientology. Don't sue me, Vince. I'm a fan.

Then, Vince appeared in the Shamwow infomercials, and his star was on the rise. "It's for da house, da boat, da car, da RV," intones Vince on the now-famous infomercial. "You're gonna spend $20 a month on paper towels, you're throwing money away." Twenty bucks a month on paper towels? I don't think I spend $20 a year on paper towels. I suppose if I burned them in my fireplace to heat my home I would, but I digress.

Not content to rest on his Shamwow laurels, Vince now appears in another infomercial, this time for something called the "Slap Chop". My wife has something just like the Slap Chop that she bought at Wal-mart. I'm not sure how the "Slap Chop" is different, other than the infomercial gives me an excuse to hear Vince say "you're gonna love my nuts". Seriously.

Catch Vince in all of his Slap Chop glory:


  1. BillyOceansEleven // December 30, 2008 at 2:27 PM  

    LOL! Our whole family spent the entire holiday lampooning this guy and the commercial after my BIL's wife gave everyone ShamWows as a stocking stuffer. Oddly enough they still air the commercial saying it isn't sold in stores, although they are now sold in CVS and Walgreens, and other places I'd imagine.

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