By now, you have probably heard that Circuit City is closing up shop. All of their U.S. stores will close, victims of the current economic crisis and what some have called ill-fated business decisions (pay-per-vew DIVX, for example).

You may be wondering "where does that leave my Circuit City gift card and/or warranty?" Well, here's the skinny:

If you have a Circuit City gift card, you can use it while the stores sell off their remaining merchandise during their liquidation sales. You'd better hurry, thought. Those are expected to end sometime in March. After that, the stores will close and your gift card won't be worth the plastic it's printed on.

There is better news for the extended warranties. Those will still be good, even after the stores close. That's because the warranties are backed by a third party, NOT Circuit City.

Go here to find out more information about the Circuit City store closings, and how they might affect your warranties, gift cards or merchandise you have purchased at Circuit City.


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