With the economy sinking into a deep recession, need-based organizations are seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for their services. However, at the same time they are seeing a decrease in the amount of contributions they are receiving this year. People are simply being more careful with their money, and charities are finding it more difficult to serve those who are truly in need. With that in mind, Savvy Frugality wants to do its part to help.

Savvy Frugality writes paid reviews of money-saving web sites, services and products. A paid review on this site is $25, and it stays on SavvyFrugality.com for the entire life of this blog. A paid link on SavvyFrugality.com is $5 per month, or $50 per year. This week, order a review or a paid link, and Savvy Frugality will donate half of all proceeds to the Salvation Army. This is a charity that Savvy Frugality supports because it provides such a wide range of services to the people who need them the most. The Salvation Army also does a great job of doing the most good with the money it receives. By ordering the review or the link, not only will you get some advertising for your site, service or product, but you will also be supporting a worthy cause at the same time. To order your review or link, simply email me at savvyfrugality at hotmail.com (replace the "at" with a "@"" in the email's "to" line. I'm just trying to avoid SPAM).

To make a direct contribution to the Salvation Army, go here.

To research any other charitible organization you are considering making a donation to, check out the Charity Navigator web site.

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