Every once in awhile, my wife and I will buy one of those "as seen on TV" items out of sheer curiosity. If the item we purchase works, great! Most of these items are relatively cheap, so it's not like we're losing a ton of money if the item doesn't work as advertised. Besides, it gives me another product to review here at Savvy Frugality. Remember, none of these folks give me a dime to review these items.

This week, we're going to turn our attention to an item that I thought was truly bizarre: The Topsy Turvey Tomato Planter. This is the planter that you can put tomatos or other vine-type plants inside of, and then hang upside down. The roots are supposed to grow up into the planter, while the plant grows downward. Since the plant doesn't touch the ground, there supposedly isn't any spoilage or waste of fruit (yes, a tomato is a fruit).

My wife actually bought this item, because she is the gardener in the family. She planted tomatoes in one Topsy Turvy, and herbs in another one (I'm not sure what kind). I mounted the screws under the overhang on the south side of our house, as directed. Then, we waited a couple of weeks.

The plants are definitely growing, although it is too early for tomatoes just yet. The plants are nice and green and bushy. The plants tend to still reach upward towards the sunlight, but I think once there are tomatoes on the plant that will weight them down and they will stretch downward toward the ground. Watering them through the hole in the top of the planter is easy.

Is there a benefit to hanging your tomato plants upside down rather than planting them in a regular old planter or in the ground? Probably not, but it sure looks interesting.

So, does the Topsy Turvey work? Sure, it does, but you probably don't really need it, either.

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