I hope you are having a great Christmas holiday. To help further your enjoyment of the holidays, here are a few things to keep you occupied after you have had your fill of eggnog and opened all of your gifts. They are frugal...because they are free!

1. Watch a classic Christmas movie. Everyone has seen "A Christmas Carol". Here's a little-seen classic version called "Scrooge" from 1935. It's in the public domain, so feel free to watch:

2. Track Santa and his Reindeer. NORAD, the folks who protect the U.S. from nuclear annihilation, also track Santa and his reindeer each Christmas. Check out the satellite tracking and the video!

3. Visit the North Pole. The city of North Pole, Alaska. There are some interesting things to check out on the web site of the city which actually bears the name North Pole, including a web cam which shows photos from the actual North Pole.

4. Listen to some Christmas tunes. AOL Radio has 13 Internet radio station channels chock full of holiday tunes. There is even a station with Hanukkah music!

5. Play Classic Video Games. Mom and Dad never got me the old Nintendo or Atari games when I was a kid. That's OK. I'll play them all online for FREE!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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