I'm a big fan of the personal finance site The Dollar Stretcher. I always have been. I have read the site for years....long before I ever thought of writing my own blog. It is chock full of great information about saving money, investing and earning money, especially if you are going through some rough economic times yourself. The ideas on The Dollar Stretcher helped see me through some personal financial problems of my own, and I have tried to return the favor by helping others through my own blog here at Savvy Frugality.

With that being said, I am pretty excited to announce that Savvy Frugality will be partnering with The Dollar Stretcher! I will be writing a blog for The Dollar Stretcher site called Main Street Meltdown. I intend to focus on general money-saving tips and especially on money-saving moves anyone can make during our current shaky economy.

This doesn't mean that Savvy Frugality is going away. I will continue to post content at Savvy Frugality, and there will be additional material at Main Street Meltdown that you won't find at Savvy Frugality. Essentially, Savvy Frugality is extending its reach to new readers at The Dollar Stretcher, and we hope you will check out The Dollar Stretcher if you are not already familiar with the site. Also, be sure to check out the other great personal finance blogs available at The Dollar Stretcher site as well.


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