It hasn't escaped the notice of Savvy Frugality that our most popular posts lately have been about recession, possible depression, investing and financial survival guides. To make things a bit easier for our readers, we're presenting all of the relevant information in this easy-to-use guide which will put all of the links right at your fingertips, including some books for suggested reading. Be sure to bookmark this post, Stumble it, add this site to your RSS reader and email this link to your friends. Also, if you have a blog and link to this post, email the link to savvyfrugality at and I will add your blog to the recommended reading list, or just post a comment in this post with the link.

It is the definitive list of posts from Savvy Frugality about planning and making it through these troubled times. Remember, we're all in this together!

The Savvy Frugality Economic Meltdown Guide

The Savvy Frugality Economic Meltdown Guide, Part Two

The Savvy Frugality Recession Survival Guide

Bad Economic Times on the Way?

Five Moves for Your Retirement Account

Ten Quick Ways to Cut Your Monthly Bills

The Second Great Depression?

Grow Your Own Recession Victory Garden

Ten Lessons From a One Income Family

Where to Find the Cheapest Groceries

Where to Find the Cheapest Gas

Stretching Your Food Budget with Angel Food Ministries

Recommended Reading List

The Great Bust Ahead

The Second Great Depression

Financial Armageddon

Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

Financial Reckoning Day

America's Financial Apocalypse


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