Savvy Frugality has been featured in a few carnivals this week. Budgets are Sexy hosts this week's Festival of Frugality, which featured Savvy Frugality's post Grow Your Own Recession Victory Garden. My own personal garden is just a small herb garden, but it has saved me plenty. Other posts worth checking out at the Festival of Frugality include:

Top Ten Tips - Taking A Staycation by Tip Diva. With gas prices and travel costs rising, many people opt just to stay home on their vacation time - hence, a “staycation.” My wife and I took a trip two hours from home earlier this year, rather than flying to Las Vegas. We had a great time and saved a ton of money.

When Fuel Prices Go Up, America Slows Down by Lisa Spinelli over at Greener Pastures. I laughed when I read the statistic that high fuel prices are even impacting Nevada brothels, but with the amount of business they get from truckers, it makes sense. Personally, I have been driving much less and walking more (no, not to Nevada brothels).

How to dine at fancy-schmancy restaurants on the CHEAP by sarah at SARAHSPY. Great post. I love to eat at fancy-schmancy restaurants, but I don't like to pay fancy-schmancy prices. Good advice here.

Greener Pastures hosted this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, which featured Savvy Frugality's post Pawn Shops Doing Brisk Business in a Sluggish Economy. Other noteworthy posts:

G Blogger from Can I Get Rich On A Salary gets secondary honors for his great article: Four Specific Paths To Automatic Saving and Investing. Great advice and details here. I currently sock away 10 percent of each paycheck automatically into my savings account at Emigrant Direct. This is the account I use as my emergency fund, which I have had to dip into three times this year for veterinarian bills.

DR from The Dough Roller gives us a detailed step-by-step tutorial entitled The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Money Making WordPress Blog. Great information here if you write well and are looking to start a money-making blog. I never started Savvy Frugality to make money, and it really doesn't make much. It's the first blog I started on my own and it has been a fun and educational experience.

Todd from Harvesting Dollars presents an article from his series, Is Getting an MBA Worth It?. I'm the type of person who enjoys learing, and I'm currently studying to earn a Marketing degree. An MBA, however, is not for everybody. Me, for example.

Debt Freedom Fighter from Discover Debt Freedom offers some great credit score watch-outs in Credit Score Killers: 5 Things to Look Out For. Good advice if you are looking to beef up your FICO score to get a loan.

Destroy Debt hosts this week's Carnival of Debt Reduction, which featured Savvy Frugality's post Little Things Mean a Lot. Other great posts this week include:

We're (still!) Debt Free! posted at not the jet set. My own personal debt has crept up this year due to medical bills, but I still hope to knock out thousands of dollars in debt this year. My wife is slowly getting on board with this idea.

NCN presents Life Without Credit Cards And The No Credit Needed Experiment posted at No Credit Needed. NCN details how they eliminated their debt and are living without credit cards. Their story is even featured in this month's Money Magazine. Great job!


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