This week's Festival of Frugality is hosted by Consumerism Commentary. Savvy Frugality's post, Haggle for Lower Prices is among this week's picks.

Other posts I liked this week:

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Rent Instead Of Buy, And I Mean Anything! posted at The Digerati Life There are some very creative rentals listed here, and they could be cheaper than buying!

Dawn from Frugal For Life offers Free Audio Resources. Since I'm a history buff and an former radio guy, I enjoy listening to Old Time Radio online. My favorite show is The Shadow. My dad still fondly recalls the days before his family got a TV, and they would all sit around the radio each evening to listen to their favorite shows. Sometimes I come across FDR's old "Fireside Chats", and those are very interesting to listen to.

Andy presents this comparison on Tight Fisted Miser: Aldi v. Supermarket v. Wal-Mart. As I expected, Aldi was the cheapest option.

Jeremy Zongker from Destroy Debt offers 90 Low Cost or No Cost Activities to Entertain Your Kids All Summer Long. Summer is coming soon, and you know you'll need something to keep the rug rats entertained. I send mine off to Boy Scout camp.

paidtwice from I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… wonders, Do You Save More With Your Automated Savings Plan? In my case, yes. The money goes into savings automatically and I don't even have to think about it.


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