This week's Festival of Frugality is hosted by My Dollar Plan. Once again, there is a lot of great reading for the frugal-minded and those interested in living a life of Savvy Frugality. Savvy Frugality's post Where to Find the Cheapest Travel Deals is included in this week's Festival.

Other posts of note:

No Credit Needed presents Beware Of The Laundry Detergent Cap posted at No Credit Needed. He found the recommended amounts for detergent are not what the lines look like on the cap! Personally, I always use the half of the amount of a product as what is called for on the label. It works just fine. I think most manufacturers suggest using a certain amount of product in an effort to make you go through it faster and therefore have to buy even more.

Faron Benoit presents My Dad – Frugal, Generous and my Hero posted at Financial Learn. There is some excellent advice here. My favorite: never pay full price. Remember, retail is for suckers.

Ron presents 5 Ways I Plan To Survive The Recession posted at The Wisdom Journal. If you are gainfully employed or otherwise earning an income, it is never too late to take steps to ride out the current economic downturn. My family has been just fine, but we also started preparing months ago.

Be This Way presents I’ve Finally Found the Line posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?. This is actually a reaction to my post about Freegans. I like Be This Way's take. I wouldn't eat food from the trash either!


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