My Dollar Plan hosts this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, which takes on a Valentine's Day theme this week. Included in this week's carnival is Savvy Frugality's post, Of Course the Economy is Bad…It’s an Election Year!

There is an extensive carnival this week, with lots of great posts. These are Savvy Frugality's recommended picks:

David at My Two Dollars presents 5 Frugal Ways To Make Your Valentine Swoon.

Trent always has great advice, and this week is no exception. Check out 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started at The Simple Dollar. This one is bookmark-worthy.

Ryan from Millionaire Money Habits presents 8 Habits of Millionaires. My favorite tip: make more money. I'm always looking for a way to make an extra buck.

Jeremy from Generation X Finance put together 15 Ways to Establish and Improve Your Credit History and FICO Score. Great advice here, especially if your credit score isn't up to par. I'm still working on boosting mine. Medical bills can be a real credit killer.

Amanda Milne from Value For Your Life presents How to Survive Losing a Job. This is a good how-to guide in case you get laid off or canned. I could have used this when I worked in broadcasting, a career rife with firings and station ownership changes.

Brooke from Dollar Frugal presents Why We Don’t Need Trucks. You know, I've had the same thought. I live in an urban area, and for the life of me I don't understand why some guys need a truck that gets 3 miles to the gallon and is half the size of my house. There's never anything in the back of the truck, so what's the point? I guess if worse comes to worse they can always live in it.


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