As I have mentioned here before, I wear reading glasses. They were recommended to me by my eye doctor. However, I did NOT buy my reading glasses from the eye doctor. I spent $4 at Dollar General for 1.25 magnification reading glasses. I showed them to my eye doctor, who told me that he could get me nicer frames and they would be covered by insurance, but that the lenses were BASICALLY THE EXACT SAME THING HE SELLS, although for a lot more money. I told him I would stick with the $4.

Well, I have moved up in the world. I have a much nicer pair of reading glasses which I purchased this week from CVS for the princely sum of...$22. The reading glasses from the eye doctor's office would have cost me $150.

But what if you need prescription eyeglasses, but not the big bill which comes with them? You can't exactly buy those at Dollar General...or any other dollar store. But you can buy them at Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical is an online seller of prescription eyeglasses with prices started at $8. That's right, $8. All you need is the prescription from your eye doctor or optometrist (they must give it to you if you ask, you are not required to buy glasses at their office). Fill out the online form using the information from your prescription, pick your frames, and your glasses will be shipped to you. Zenni even offers UV and scratch-resistant coatings, which would cost you big bucks at the eye doctor's office. There are more expensive glasses on the site, but I didn't see anything over $46, and they look comparable to the glasses I've seen at eyeglass stores in the mall.

If you shop around, you CAN find good deals on necessities like eyeglasses!

Disclaimer: Savvy Frugality has no direct business relationship with Zenni Optical. This is NOT a paid review for Zenni Optical. I just like to note services like this which can save people a lot of money.


  1. Anonymous // August 5, 2008 at 4:33 AM  

    This is indeed a great offer for eyeglasses, but I still prefer my pinhole glasses.

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