Festival of Frugality #96

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Once again, Savvy Frugality is being cited in the latest Festival of Frugality. This time, you can check out my post about places online where you can grab coupons without relying on the Sunday paper. There are some other great posts worthy of mention as well. My picks:

David from My Two Dollars provides simple and sound advice in Ten Ways Living Simply Can Save You Money.

Beth Dargis from My Simpler Life shares some timely tips in Simplifying Halloween.

Shannon Christman from Saving Advice Blog strikes a creative balance between frugality and social expenses in How to Handle Social Obligation Expenses.

Kyle James from Rather-Be-Shopping shares some Frugal Ways To Get In Shape. Hmm, we wonder why these secrets are not shared by the Gyms!

Raymond from Money Blue Book advises us to Ask Companies For Coupons and Save Money. This really works! We had written to Amy's requesting some coupons for buying their great organic dinners. They sent us dozens of coupons which saved us tens of dollars.

And, of course, Savvy Frugality cites some great sources of getting coupons for our supermarket outings in Skip the Sunday Paper, Get the Ads.


  1. FIRE Finance // October 19, 2007 at 2:00 PM  

    Thanks for linking to the FOF :).

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