Just because I'm frugal does not mean that I don't enjoy shopping once in awhile, but the mall isn't really my scene. There are a few places at the mall where bargains CAN be had (the clearance rack at Old Navy and Steve & Barry's comes to mind). But, for the absolute best clothing and household item bargains, check out your local thrift store.

Thrift stores remind me of garage sales. You can find a lot of crap at them, but once in awhile you can find something used, but GOOD...and at a rock bottom price.

I have purchased many things at thrift stores...mostly jeans, sweaters, blazers and Halloween costumes for the kids. I have also found good used board games, books, light fixtures and CDs and DVDs. Apparently, some people have never heard of eBay, so they just unload their unwanted stuff at the local thrift store.

If you are unfamiliar with thrift store shopping or you don't know if you have a thrift store in your area, check out The Thrift Shopper.com. It's sort of a Google for thrift stores. I typed my zip code into the search function and found a couple of thrift stores near my home that I didn't even know existed. The search results also include store reviews from shoppers. This is definitely a web site worth bookmarking!


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