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This post won't make the booksellers at Barnes & Noble or Borders very happy, but there are much cheaper ways of enjoying books than paying full retail. Recently, I saw lines of people in front of those stores as they waited for the latest and final Harry Potter book. I've never been a big Harry Potter fan, but I do like to crack a book open now and then. Here are some of the free and cheap ways I have found of enjoying a good book:

1. The public library, of course. It's free, as long as you don't return the books late and incur late fees, and many libraries will order a book for you if they don't have it. If the book is very popular, you'll be put on a waiting list.

2. This is how I buy most of my books. I recently bought a book that retails for $22 for 87 cents on If you're a student, it's also a great place to buy textbooks. I also resell books at when I'm done with them, so there is the possibility the books won't cost me anything, and I might even make a profit on them. I recently picked up a bag of books at a library sale, and resold them on and made a tidy profit.

3. This is the granddaddy of online book sellers. They sell discounted new titles, but the also sell used items as well. Big savings can be found on Amazon.

4. Used bookstores. No the stores aren't used, but the books in them are. Most larger towns and cities have a good used books store. Besides, if you buy from them, you are supporting a local business!

5. Garage sales. I find a lot of good books at garage sales, and I have never paid more than a dollar for a book. Books are usually 25 cents at garage sales.

6. Read free e-books online. You can find a wealth of classic fiction, non-fiction, reference and so-called "great books" at web sites like or The Internet Public Libary.
Did I mention...they're free?

Remember: retail is for suckers!


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