Today is a sad day in the world of advertising, as-seen-on-TV products, and pitchmen. Billy Mays, known for his high-decibel sales pitches for products ranging from Kaboom! to Oxyclean, has passed away at the age of 50. He was found in his home, unresponsive. There were no signs of foul play.

I have always been a fan of Billy Mays and enjoyed watching his infomercials and his TV show, "Pitchmen" with Anthony Sullivan. I have purchased products pitched by Billy Mays and reviewed them here at Savvy Frugality. Each of the products I have tried which were endorsed by Billy worked as advertised. One of the things I learned while watching "Pitchmen" is that Billy Mays would not agree to advertise a product until he tried it himself and it worked as promised. That's a rare thing in the world of television advertising and infomercials. He personally put his stamp of approval on the products he endorsed. Billy Mays was also one of those celebrities who seemed genuinely nice.

I will miss the presence of Billy Mays on television. Even if you didn't purchase his products, he was entertaining and larger-than-life. There is no other pitchman like him, and there will be a great void on television during the two-minutes between some of my favorite programs.

He will be missed.


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