MSN Money recently featured an interesting slide show about "dollar store deals and duds". I purchase a lot of items from dollar stores, although I'm highly selective about what I purchase there. Some of the "deals" at dollar stores aren't deals at all, and you can actually find some items for less than a dollar, especially if you use coupons.

I agree with MSN Money's selection of the deals and duds at the dollar stores. Items listed as deals: household cleaners (I don't buy mine anywhere else), shampoos, spices, and kitchen utinsels. The duds: electrical products, batteries, toothpaste and vitamins and drugs. The duds made the list for safety reasons and because of prior recalls. I also buy plastic cups, office supplies, artificial sweeteners and gift wraps and gift bags at the dollar stores.

Although everything seems like a bargain at the dollar store, you need to exercise some good judgement, keep a price book, and determine if that "deal" at the dollar store is really a bargain.


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