As we begin a new year, we want to make Savvy Frugality bigger, faster, and stronger (kind of like the Six Million Dollar Man! OK, I'm dating myself). I hope that the posts at Savvy Frugality over the past year have given you some good advice and helped you in some way.

If you have benefited from the advice here at Savvy Frugality, please take a moment to comment on this post and let us know how, or send an email to savvyfrugality at Replace the word "at" with a "@", of course.

Of course, if you have any comments or suggestions about the types of tips you would like to see on Savvy Frugality over the next year, we'd love to hear those, too! Your feedback will help determine the future direction of Savvy Frugality. You can even let us know if you like things just the way they are.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to reading your comments and success stories!


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