Every once in awhile, I come across some great reading online, and feel compelled to share here on Savvy Frugality. I recommend articles and web sites that I think would be beneficial to Savvy Frugality's readers (thanks for reading this site, by the way!).

This week's list:

Trent at The Simple Dollar interviews Amy Dacyczyn, the author of The Tightwad Gazette. Amy's books are what got me living a life of Savvy Frugality, and they have definitely changed my life for the better. Good job, Trent!

If you are looking for recommendations for software or better ways of doing things on your computer or online, I recommend Lifehacker. I find at least one or two great suggestions on this site each and every week, and they pass along some great frugal tips once in awhile, too.

The Consumerist introduces us to Crissy, the High Priestess of the Coupon Clippers. I thought my wife was a master coupon clipper, but Crissy managed to buy more than $300 worth of stuff at Target for 2 cents. Two cents! That's hard to beat, unless the store gives you money for shopping there.

How would you like to get an MBA education without going to school (or actually earning a degree...but you'll have the knowledge in your noggin)? Check out The Personal MBA. It's actually a recommended reading list which will impart much of the same knowledge you would receive in an MBA program. Even if you have a business background, it's a good reading list. If you'd like to take actual courses from a top-notch business school, you can do so online from MIT Open Courseware. These are actual MIT courses, and they are free! The catch: you won't earn a degree taking the courses, but you will be smarter afterwards.



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