Savvy Frugality is once again pleased to be included in the latest Festival of Frugality. This week, the festival is hosted by Mighty Bargain Hunter, and the festival takes on a President's Day theme. Savvy Frugality's post, Ten Lessons from a One Income Family, was selected as an editor's pick this week. Thanks, Mightly Bargain Hunter! Here are Savvy Frugality's picks this week:

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has a great post on being outwardly simple and inwardly rich.

Is poor record-keeping costing you money? The Personal Financier lists a number of good tips for taming your paper. My own filing skills could use some work. It's not that I'm not aware that good filing is a must...I just don't like doing it.

Sound Money Matters gives directions for freezing bread, herbs, and sauces. I really need to get a chest freezer. It's my next appliance purchase.

Digerati Life lists twelve ways to go about affording the big stuff. Number 10 is great advice. Rent-to-own is a rip-off...a lesson my family learned the hard way a number of years ago. A better tip: buy things the rent-to-own store is looking to get rid of. It's usually in great shape, and it's priced to move. I bought a sofa and love seat on sale from a rent-to-own store for $150. They looked brand new, and the store delivered them for free!


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