Versatile Vinegar

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When I go to the grocery store to do my bi-monthly food shopping for the household, I always make sure I include a bottle of vinegar. Oddly enough, we never use it for anything that is food-related.

Instead of plunking down big bucks for cleaning supplies such as Windex, 409, toilet cleaner, sink cleanser, etc., we just use our one jug of vinegar instead. I usually pay just over a dollar or so for half a gallon of white vinegar, and it lasts the whole two weeks or even longer.

Vinegar has a multitude of uses, it cleans great (you won't find a better window cleaner), the vinegar smell fades after a few minutes, and best of's non-toxic! This is great if you have small animals or pets in the home.

You can find a TON of great uses for vinegar at the web site of The Vinegar Institute. Yes, there is a Vinegar Institute. There are also a lot of health uses for vinegar. By far, vinegar is one of the most useful things I include on my shopping list each month, and it does save quite a bit of money over purchasing separate cleaning products.


  1. Anonymous // September 21, 2007 at 6:35 PM  

    I am reminded of the research study comparing the bacterial count on wooden cutting boards to the bacterial count on plastic cutting boards. Turns out wood actually kills bacteria! And vinegar water does a BETTER job than bleach water of killing germs on countertops, etc., in the kitchen. And of course, vinegar is non-toxic, as you said. Since I read that, I have had a bottle of diluted vinegar to spray in my kitchen to clean with, rather than the bottle of bleach water -- although daycare kitchens, among others, are mandated by law to use bleach water.

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